product care


To help ensure your handcrafted Lux Bindery product stands the test of time, we advise storing it in a cool, dry environment. Storing products in extreme heat & humidity should be avoided. Please use a white, dry microfiber cloth or lint roller to remove any dust from our products. To remove marks on folio mats, we suggest using a white eraser, which can be found at most craft stores. 

All products should be kept away from liquids including water, which may stain the fabric if your product should come into contact with it.






To ensure your Stylist's Board remains as pristine as possible, we recommend storing it flat inside the protective sleeve & bubble wrap in which it shipped when not in use. 

Natural warping may occur due to the thinness & size of our boards, however, to prevent any excess warping or damage, we advise keeping your Stylist's Board away from direct light or any other heat source during storage. 

Some of the fabrics we use are fragile & easily marked if our products are not stored correctly. Equally, we understand that some marks may occur during use. Should your Stylist's Board obtain any spots or stains, we recommend trying to remove them using a Xyron Adhesive Eraser. Please note, any kind of liquid cleaners including water may stain the fabric. For less subtle marks a slightly damp white cloth may be used.