Many Lux Bindery products can be made exclusive with imprinting. Logos, text, or calligraphy can be pressed into your product to create unique, custom keepsakes using foil or blind imprinting.

Foil is a beautiful, prominent option for incorporating logos or words on our products & is a distinct approach to personalization. We offer a choice of matte gold, matte silver, & rose gold for foiled imprinting.

Where foil is a more pronounced choice, blind imprinting is a subtle way to make our products different. With blind imprinting, your Studio Die, text, or Custom Calligraphy is pressed into the product without the use of foil, creating an understated, yet refined personalized heirloom. When choosing blind imprinting, please keep in mind fabrics with thicker weaves or darker colors do not blind imprint well. These fabrics include Cotlin, Oatmeal, Champagne, Fog, Cinnamon, Gray Buckram, Black, & Linen. 

There are three main options to choose from when customizing a Lux Bindery product with foil or blind imprinting. 



studio die


Logos are imprinted on our products using a Studio Die. Created for a one-time fee & kept on file for future use, a Studio Die of your logo or design can be ordered through our Custom Products Shop

We require a black & white vector file (.ai or .eps) for all of our Studio Dies. If you do not have a vector file, we’d be happy to convert your logo for an additional fee. Upon adding a Studio Die to your cart, please select "Yes" when asked if you'd like us to convert your logo.

After placing your order, you will be contacted via email to request your logo or design file. 

When ordering your Studio Die, please keep in mind that logos with clear delineation & continuity of size work best for imprinting. Typically, logos with fine detail & shading cannot be reproduced on our products for the desired result. As such, the creation of a Studio Die is based upon the approval of Lux Bindery. If a logo is considered unsuitable, you will be contacted via email. 

Additionally, the choice of fabric can be a determining factor in how your logo will imprint. For example, fabrics with a tighter weave (i.e. Cream, Silver, Pewter) can be imprinted with finer detail than a fabric with a coarse structure (i.e. Cotlin, Oatmeal, Gray Buckram).

The maximum size of a Studio Die is 5 ½” x 2”. 

Please note, a Studio Die is available for imprinting on Custom Products only. 



imprinted text


Our products can be imprinted with up to two lines of text, personalizing your Print Boxes & Folios with client's names & event dates. The typeface we use for imprinted text is the serif font, Edinburgh in 22 point.

The maximum length of characters per line of text is 25, inclusive of spaces & symbols. 

Please note, imprinting text is available on Custom Products only. 



custom calligraphy


Available for imprinting on all custom Lux Bindery products, we offer calligraphy in collaboration with Jessica McSweeney.

Custom Calligraphy includes names or phrases with up to three proofs to choose from. A Studio Die of your chosen proof is then created for imprinting & kept on file for future use. 

Price is inclusive of up to three proofs of your text & the cost of creating a Studio Die. 

Please note, Custom Calligraphy is available on Custom Products only.